Lynn Cazabon: Uncultivated


Uncultivated  focuses on wild plants in urban environments. Artist Lynn Cazabon strives to promote a fresh view of these plants which we commonly disparage as “weeds.” She beckons us to look more carefully at the natural environment we share with them as her project also reflects on the changing biodiversity of urban landscapes due to the effects of climate change. Cazabon begins by photographing these plants on location, incorporates them into a website archive with their histories and other information, then creates associated events and finally designs displays for billboards, public transit and other public sites. She rolled out Uncultivated in Baltimore, MD, in 2010, and it evolves each time it is realized in a different location. To date these include: Chicago, IL, New Orleans, LA, Washington, D.C., Brooklyn, and for inClimate, in a second borough of NYC, in the summer and fall of 2014.

This time the borough was the Bronx, where Cazabon expanded her project, in keeping with the concepts driving inClimate. For inClimate, she worked with The Point, a Community Development Corporation (CDC) in the Hunts Point area of the South Bronx. 

Please see Completed Events for stills, video and a short description. 

For useful sources suggested by Cazabon, see Permaculture and Plants for a Future.

Curator Regina Cornwell conceived and is organizing inClimate under the auspices of Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc.