Alicia Grullón: Percent for Green

View_from_Casita_Maria_South_Bronx.fwAlicia Grullón’s project called Percent for Green, aims to create a local law of that name. The Bronx is the poorest of the five boroughs of New York City. Hand-in-hand with this poverty is heavy pollution resulting in high asthma rates, especially among children.The kernel for her proposed legislation came out of two round tables she conducted in the Bronx, where audiences offered ideas and expressed the needs of their communities.Grullón models her ambitious project on “Percent for Art” legislation. For instance, in NYC, the law requires that one percent of the budget be spent on public art “for eligible city-funded construction projects.”

Grullón’s work takes her to various locations in the Bronx with strong community centers where she can organize discussions and roundtables and gather signatures from city residents for her proposed legislation. It means teaming up with a variety of groups to spread the word and advocate for Percent for Green. It requires working with an environmental lawyer savvy to the in’s and out’s of NYC government, particularly in the Bronx. Once the two create a draft of the law, she and her group partners will advocate for it until it is passed, a process that will take years of lobbying. The law could, for example, establish funding for green low-income housing, replacement of failing infrastructures, and close monitoring of pollution in the Bronx. No doubt many will ask: “Why is this art?” and “What does this have to do with climate change?” All the better to provoke questions and engage people in learning and understanding what is fuzzy or new to them— especially climate change.

With inClimate, Grullón kicked off Percent for Green at Longwood Gallery at Hostos Community College in the South Bronx.

Please see Completed Events for stills, video and a short description.

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