Completed Events

Percent for Green (Alicia Grullón) – Opened on June 4th, 2014

What is Percent for Green?  A project in which the artist seeks to bring about a law designed to protect the environmental rights and health of people living in underserved areas of the Bronx. More specifically, the legislation she wishes to propose seeks to repair, replace and build anew environmentally safe and secure structures in the borough, while it also aims to remove health hazards.

How does it relate to inClimate? Grullón launched her Percent for Green project as her contribution to inClimate. If a law like this one, focused on the Bronx, were to pass in New York City, it would be a major model of climate justice because from continent to continent the poor and underserved are first and hardest hit by global warming and the least prepared.  Such laws need to be enacted and enforced everywhere.

 When? From June 4 through August 6, 2014, at the Longwood Art Gallery, Hostos Community College in the South Bronx.  This is Phase One of Grullón’s Percent for Green.

 Who? At Longwood, Percent for Green welcomed Bronx residents and all New Yorkers with presentations, roundtables, video screenings and workshops.

Why? For a democratic exercise of our rights as citizens to shape our laws and improve our communities.

And, Now What? The events at Longwood were just the beginning of a years-long process to advocate for, build networks of allies, and see the bill proposed in the City Council. Then comes the genuinely hard work of lobbying council members, elected officials at all levels, community boards, the networks of environmental and justice groups, and seeking to change the minds of the opposition. When there is enough support in the City Council to ensure success, it can be brought to a vote, assuming that the mayor is on board to sign it into law.