Our Mission

The What Who When Where Why And What More Of Our Mission:

Muir Glacier Alaska_ Icemelt 1941-2004 (2)

What: We start with art, our catalyst, to touch New Yorkers—spirit, mind and body—on the increasing perils of global warming. Curator Regina Cornwell conceived and is organizing inClimate under the auspices of Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc.

Who: inClimate artists collaborate or consult with climate change specialists to seek solutions or antidotes to our world’s most catastrophic problem, reaching New Yorkers from underserved and low income neighborhoods.

When:Muir Glacier Alaska_ Icemelt 1941-2004 (3) June, 2014 ongoing through 2016.

Where: The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens where we have partnered with dynamic community organizations and public schools.

Why: Because time is running out as our climate is heating up. Underserved populations often live in places most vulnerable to the assaults of global warming and need the knowledge and means to prepare for those assaults.

And What More: The art proposes other values, forcing us to think differently because of how global warming changes our world. We look to follow-ups to build on the art—innovative and engaging events which community leaders, artists and young people together with inClimate artists and staff create—to reach more community members. The goal: to make global warming the primary target of grassroots work, where every action is clear and decisive.