Easy Operation Industrial Food Dehydrator Red Fruit Dates Drying Machine

  • Easy Operation Industrial Food Dehydrator Red Fruit Dates Drying Machine
  • Easy Operation Industrial Food Dehydrator Red Fruit Dates Drying Machine
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Product introduction:

1.Options of heat source:steam,electricity,or far infrared,or both steam and electricity.

2.Drying Temperature:steam heating:50-140℃. Electricity and far infrared:50-300℃.

3.Automatic control system and computer control system can be offered on request.

4.Commonly used steam pressure 0.2-0.8Mpa


1. 100% Natural.
2. High quality with cometitive Manufacturer Direct price.
3. Free Sample Supply.
4. Small order is acceptable.
5. High purity and large production capacity

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