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Chinese Dired Fresh Sweet Big Red Dates

Chinese Dired Fresh Sweet Big Red Dates

Parameters Model powder size(m) quantity Tray size and quantity capacity...
  • Hongzao
  • Nice Plastic
  • Lanzhiling
  • Carton
  • 250g
  • China
  • 09022010

Product Details

Chinese Name:Hongzao Inner Pack:Nice Plastic
Trademark:Lanzhiling Transport Package:Carton
Specification:250g Origin:China
HS Code:09022010

Product Description


Model powder size(m) quantity Tray size and quantity capacity
3P 2.4KW 3.3*2*2.2 4 430mm*730mm*96 250~400kg
8P 6.4KW 5.6*2.2*2.7 6 600mm*800mm*144 600~1000kg
15P 12KW 8*3*2.8 15 600mm*800mm*360 1500~2000kg


1. Low temperature drying and insecticide, thorough sterilization, can reach commercial sterility;
2. Moth-proof, mildew-proof, and extended storage period. Microwaves can penetrate the inside of buckwheat husks, and the parasite eggs in buckwheat husks are quickly killed to achieve the functions of preventing moth, mildew, and extending the shelf life.
3. Energy saving. The utilization rate of microwave as energy can reach more than 75%, which is 25% lower than the energy consumption of traditional insecticidal equipment.
4. Easy operation and save manpower. Utilize the principle of microwave to open and use, easy operation, convenient management, reduce labor intensity and save manpower.
5. Safety, health and environmental protection. Microwave treatment of buckwheat hulls is noiseless, and it does not cause the "three wastes" problem.

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