Dpp-88 Small Blister Packing Machine

  • Dpp-88 Small Blister Packing Machine
  • Dpp-88 Small Blister Packing Machine
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Press plate size 540mm*380mm
Pressure 0.4T
Speed 10tims/min
Weight 70kgs
Voltage 220v 50~60hz
Power 2kw
Air-pressure 0.4~0.6mpa
Machine dimension 570mm*740mm*1560mm
Wooden disk size



1. The integrated machine can be packed separately to move into the lift with the width 2.2m and into the divided purifying workshop, it is easy to assemble the clamping screw.
2. Mould and guide rail should be designed separately, when changing mould, it only to change whole guide rail and mould pressing plate, it's easy to disassemble.
3. Photoelectric compensating mechanism is used to the diagrams and letters register on the printed alu foil.
4. Main motor adopts frequency speed regulation: can setting punch frequency according to the different distances of stroke and different filling compound.
5. Manipulator grip feeding mechanism is drove by precision silk pole, controlled separately by servo motor with running smoothly and synchronous accuracy. The length of stroke can be designed according to the customer's requirement, also it can adjust through PLC control panel.

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